Moments captured to perfection.


Amit K Pandya and his journey through photography

Despite being a successful Photographer in the glamorous town of Bollywood, Mumbai, Amit K Pandya is a man who still attached to his roots. And whenever put up with a question about his success, he has a consistent answer, “I am perpetual learner, and there is a lot more that I need to achieve.

This down to earth, humble nature has developed through is journey from Vasavad – a small town in Gujarat to the city of dreams – Mumbai, the financial capital of India. Like every other career, he has faced the teething problems, but he always stood by something he learnt in childhood – a poetry by the renowned Harivansh Rai Bachchan – “कोशिश करने वालों की कभी हार नहीं होती। (Koshish karne walon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti)”. The line simply translates, “One who tries will never lose” and with that simple but powerful line in his heart, Amit developed the “Never Give Up” attitude.

As a matter of fact, growing up with the stories of independence, he first wanted to join the Military and had been regular at his physical training and also good in rifle shooting. But destiny wanted him to shoot differently and a hobby turned into career, he now shoots through his high tech camera and captures moments that mean a lifetime to people.

Being in a completely different city, he has had his part of struggle, but he tackled them in a positive way. He has gradually polished himself through the challenges of the big town turning a sparkling gem that he is today.

Being in the country with rich culture and heritage, were marriage is the biggest event in ones life and that it matters as much to whole family as to the bride and groom, it was an natural path to start his journey. Learning from his experiences of making wedding & other occasions memorable and exposure to diversity in industry in the big town, he learned his way to being a versatile photographer.

Today, he bags a huge portfolio of his work across wedding & occasional photography, Corporate videos, Industrial shoots, movies and fashion photography to name few. And he still quotes the same words, “I am perpetual learner, and there is a lot more that I need to achieve…”